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Soda Enamel ErosionSoda may taste refreshing, but the damage it can do to your teeth is anything but.

You've likely heard of the damage that sugary sodas can do to your teeth. However, even diet sodas can wreak havoc on a tooth's protective surface, called the enamel. The chemicals in soda eat away at the enamel, causing irreversible damage and sensitivity. Here, your Worth dentist explains how soda disrupts the natural processes in your mouth.

How soda damages your smile

With the average American drinking 44 gallons of soft drinks each year, it's no wonder that tooth decay and other problems are on the rise. While the sugar in soda definitely contributes to cavities, it's the phosphoric and citric acids found in both regular and diet soda that erode the enamel by altering the pH balance of the mouth. This imbalance wears away at the enamel, which means that the inner portions of the tooth - the dentin and pulp - aren't as protected as they should be. This leads to tooth discoloration and an uncomfortable sensitivity to hot and cold stimuli. At the very least, your food and drink choices may be limited; the weakened tooth can be also subject to much more damage. While crowns and other restorations can artificially take the place of enamel, this is an expensive solution to a preventable problem.

How to prevent these problems
The most foolproof and obvious solution is to avoid drinking soda - both diet and regular - altogether. For those who aren't ready to completely kick the habit, these drinks should only be consumed at meal times and shouldn't be sipped on throughout the day. A thorough brushing after drinking soda is important; if brushing isn't convenient, rinsing the mouth with water provides some aid in clearing away the acids. Chewing sugar-free gum also promotes the production of saliva, which contains calcium and phosphate that strengthens the enamel.
If you're a soda drinker in Worth and you've been noticing some tooth sensitivity, set down the soft drink and contact the dental team at All Smiles in Worth, IL to schedule an evaluation.