How Invisalign Can Help Your Smile

By All Smiles
February 21, 2020
Category: Oral Health
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Achieving the perfect smile always requires a little assistance from a dentist. Here at All Smiles in Worth, IL, your professionals, Drs. Mueller, Baran, Hao, and Skirius serve the Palos Heights, Palos Park, Oak Lawn, and Chicago Ridge, IL, areas to help you do just that.

One of the treatments we offer is Invisalign, a transparent orthodontic method that shifts teeth into their proper position, effectively correcting mild-to-moderate cases of overbite, underbite, or crooked teeth. Read on to learn more.

How Invisalign Can Help Your Smile

This alternative to traditional braces is popular because it's virtually invisible and transforms your smile in a matter of months. Clear, removable aligners mean a more conspicuous look, easier oral care maintenance, and not having to eliminate any foods from your diet.

What to Expect from Treatment

First, you'll need to consult with your dentist for a smile assessment and to speak about your end goals. If Invisalign is the best option for your case, digital x-rays, photographs, and impressions are captured and sent to the laboratory where a specialist fabricates your customized aligners. Once they arrive in our Worth, IL, office you'll receive a reminder to schedule your next appointment. During this visit, the dentist will ensure that they fit correctly and comfortably. You will also be instructed to wear each set of trays for two weeks before advancing to the next. For optimal success, you must wear them for 20-22 hours per day.

Interested? Give Us a Call

If you or your teenager is ready to begin orthodontic treatment, consult with one of our dentists to discuss the benefits of Invisalign. For more information about how Invisalign works and any of the other services that we provide here at All Smiles, visit our website. Additionally, please call (708) 448-0333 for appointment scheduling with Drs. Mueller, Baran, Hao, and Skirius in our Worth, IL, office. We also serve Palos Heights, Palos Park, Oak Lawn and Chicago Ridge, IL.