Dental Crowns Strengthen Damaged Teeth

By All Smiles
November 10, 2020
Category: Dental Procedures

Find out the many ways in which crowns can support natural teeth.

Are you wondering whether your smile could benefit from a dental crown? If you are dealing with a cracked tooth, or a tooth that requires root canal treatment, then the answer is most likely “yes”. The good news is that our Worth, IL, dentists are pros at providing patients with dental crowns that are incredibly durable and look just like real teeth.

Should I get a dental crown?

A crown is one of the most common dental restorations and they are used to prolong the life of a natural tooth. Crowns fit over the entire crown of a tooth to protect and strengthen it.

The sooner a crown is placed over a weak or damaged tooth the better, as this simple tooth-shaped restoration can support what’s left of the tooth’s natural structure. Crowns make it possible for our Worth, IL, dentists to provide a more conservative approach to treating broken, damaged and even missing teeth.

When is a dental crown necessary?

A crown is a type of restorative dentistry; therefore, it’s not required unless you are dealing with dental problems that affect the integrity and health of one or more teeth. Your dentist may recommend getting a dental crown in these instances,

  • You have a chipped, cracked or fractured tooth
  • You have a severely discolored or malformed tooth
  • You need a root canal (to remove an infected dental pulp)
  • You have a severely worn-down tooth that is prone to fracturing
  • You need to cover a dental implant (for treating tooth loss)
  • You need to hold a dental bridge in placing (for treating tooth loss)

Every crown that we provide is custom-made based on our patient’s specific tooth measurements. We also create crowns from porcelain and ceramic, which mimic the look of real tooth enamel, so they look just like the rest of your natural teeth once they are cemented permanently into place.

Don’t let damaged, broken or missing teeth affect your appearance or the health of your smile. Our Worth, IL, dentists can provide you with the restorative dentistry you need. Call us today at (708) 448-0333 to schedule a consultation.