Complete Your Smile With Dental Implants

How dental implants from your dentists in Worth can make you want to smile againdental implants

If you have stopped smiling because you are missing teeth, it’s time to smile again. If you have stopped eating the foods you love because you have lost some chewing ability, it’s time to regain your love for food. The answer to a complete smile and restored chewing ability is dental implants! Your dentists at All Smiles in Worth, IL want to introduce you to what dental implants can do for you and your smile.

When you have gaps in your smile due to missing teeth, your self-esteem and self-confidence can suffer. You could choose dental bridgework to fill the space, but dental implants are far better because:

  • Dental implants look just like your natural teeth, only more beautiful!
  • Dental implants will never decay and they resist staining, so they will stay beautiful throughout your lifetime.
  • Dental implants are more convenient because you don’t have to use special tools or take them out. You brush and floss them just like your natural teeth.

When you have lost teeth, your chewing ability is decreased, which can cause digestive problems. You could choose a removable partial or denture to replace your teeth, but dental implants are a better choice because:

  • Dental implants are completely stable because they are embedded in bone and won’t move around when you eat.
  • Dental implants are permanent and never have to be relined like a denture.
  • Dental implants provide a strong biting surface, just like your natural teeth.

Dental implants are also the most successful surgical implant, with a success rate of over 95 percent, according to the American Academy of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons.

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You can complete your smile with high-tech, state-of-the-art dental implants! It’s time to start smiling again by calling your dentists at All Smiles in Worth, IL. Restore your self-confidence by calling today!