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By All Smiles
January 28, 2015
Category: Oral Health

Who knew saliva was so important?

Salivary DiagnosticsAt All Smiles in Worth, we are interested in more than just your dental health. We also care about your overall health as well. That is why we offer salivary diagnostics, an important and emerging health care tool.

What is Salivary Diagnostics?

Salivary diagnostics is still early in development, but it has a very exciting potential for detecting diseases quicker than traditional methods of disease detection. The earlier a disease or condition can be found, the quicker treatment can begin, potentially saving your life.

What are the Benefits of Salivary Diagnostics?

The benefits of salivary diagnostics are very exciting! When you compare saliva collection versus blood collection, collecting saliva is easier and painless because you don't have to get stuck with a needle. Collecting saliva instead of blood does not expose the healthcare worker to potentially dangerous blood-borne diseases. Also, collecting saliva is cheaper than collecting blood. Storing the collected saliva is easier because it doesn't need to be manipulated like blood to keep it from clotting.

Why is Salivary Diagnostics Important for Preventive Care?

Saliva has been called the "mirror of the body." Tests on saliva can catch the presence of some diseases before other methods of detection. Saliva testing can also be used to follow the progress of certain diseases. While this technology is still very early in development, salivary diagnostics has the potential to detect a wide range of diseases and conditions. These include: autoimmune diseases, systemic diseases, hereditary diseases, cancers, hormone levels, alcohol and drug use, infections, HIV status, and other viral illnesses. Salivary diagnostics can be used as an educational tool in oral hygiene guidance. Finally, saliva testing can reveal a wide range of diseases of the mouth.

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