Why Invisalign Is Right for You!

By All Smiles
March 20, 2019
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Would you like to remake your crooked smile? Invisalign aligners from your All Smiles dentist in Worth could do just that. Removable, Invisalign comfortable and smooth, these biocompatible acrylic aligners progressively shift teeth into more favorable positions. Teeth stay healthier along the way, and no one notices their discreet appearance. Learn more about this inventive orthodontic system here.

Invisalign improves appearance and oral health

In other words, your smile looks better and stays healthier. It's easier to clean because your teeth are aligned as they should be, and your bite is just perfect.

How does orthodontic correction through Invisalign clear appliances do all that? It starts with a consultation with your dentist at All Smiles in Worth. An examination and special three-dimensional scan tells the dentist your exact orthodontic need, and computer-aided imaging shows you how your smile will look every step of the way.

In all, you'll wear 18 to 30 thin aligners throughout your treatment plan. Removable for cleaning, meals and even getting your picture taken, the appliances are comfortable and easy to live with. There are no dietary prohibitions, uncomfortable adjustments or oral irritations with Invisalign.

As your treatment progresses, you'll see your dentist once a month or so for a progress check-up and to receive your new aligners. You'll wear your appliances 20 to 22 hours a day, carefully clean your aligners and brush and floss as your normally do.

At the end of treatment, your smile will look totally transformed! Plus, if you wear your customized retainer, you'll keep your smile lined-up and healthy for life.

Miscellaneous information about Invisalign

Invisalign aligners successfully have straightened millions of teen and adult smiles over the past twenty years. Besides their discreet appearance, the aligners work quickly. In fact, most Invisalign treatment plans finish in about one year--less than half the time traditional braces take.

The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry says Invisalign works well for many mild to moderate smile issues, such as gaps, crowding, bite issues and more. However, complex problems still require correction with metal or ceramic braces. Y

Is Invisalign right for your smile?

Find out. Call your Invisalign dentist at All Smiles in Worth, IL, and come in for a complimentary orthodontic consultation. We look forward to discussing your options for a great smile. Phone (708) 448-0333.