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Solutions for Gap Teeth

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Solutions for Gap Teeth

A gap between teeth is usually not a serious medical problem but it may cause you to be self-conscious about your smile. Your  All Smiles dentists in Worth, IL, fix this issue so you can comfortably show off your smile. Here are a few of the most common treatment methods we offer to close gaps between teeth:


Invisalign can straighten your teeth and fix their alignment. If you have large gaps between teeth, you will need this orthodontic treatment to close them. Invisalign treatment can transform your smile over several months. 


Those who want a quick and pain-free solution should consider bonding. Tooth bonding uses a small amount of resin that goes on the surface of the teeth to help close a gap. Bonding can hide imperfections and reshape your teeth. This solution is usually recommended because it is inexpensive, quick, and generally very effective. 

Crowns or Veneers From Your Worth, IL, Dentists

Crowns and veneers are great options because they can cover the gap between teeth. Crowns are porcelain caps that look like a tooth and cover the existing tooth. They can strengthen and protect a tooth but also provide some cosmetic benefits. Veneers are thin shells that sit on the surface of your tooth and cover any imperfections like gaps between teeth. They can give you a perfect-looking smile. 

You Deserve a Great Smile

Managing a gap in your teeth doesn't have to be a challenging prospect when working with us at All Smiles. We Provide Worth, IL, residents with dental care they can trust to take of their needs. So please, don't hesitate to contact us at (708) 448-0333 right away to learn more about your treatment options. Our team of qualified dentists can find a solution for your gap teeth and any other oral health concerns.