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Signs It's Time To See Your Dentist

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Signs It's Time To See Your Dentist

Taking care of your teeth should be a priority, from frequent brushing to regular examinations. If you are practicing good oral hygiene, you're setting yourself up for a lifetime of healthy smiles, but sometimes an extra visit to the dentist might be needed for your healthiest teeth.

At All Smiles in Worth, IL, your dentist is happy to see you between regular visits, and if you are experiencing any of the following, its time to make an appointment:

Tooth sensitivity or pain

If you are finding it uncomfortable to drink hot or cold foods, have pain while chewing or biting, or your tooth is achy, your dentist can help you identify if you have a cavity, exposed root, or other dental ailments which are causing you discomfort. For many dental issues, early intervention and treatment are crucial to prevent the spread of bacteria or infection.

Tartar buildup

Brushing and flossing at least twice daily helps prevent the development and buildup of plaque, but once it starts to form it can be very difficult to remove by brushing alone. Visit our Worth, IL, office to have a professional cleaning, in which we use special tools and instruments to scrape away stubborn plaque and tartar.

Crooked or unevenly spaced teeth

A severe over or under-bite, overcrowded teeth, or large gaps in your smile can be corrected with braces, aligners, or other dental implements. Your dentist can help you evaluate the best choice for evening out your smile.

Tooth damage or loss

A chipped, cracked, or missing tooth should be dealt with quickly to keep further damage from occurring. Our office can fix damaged teeth by using crowns or bonding and replace missing teeth with implants, bridges, or dentures.

Stained teeth

Teeth that are yellowing or graying can be brightened up with a whitening treatment at our office. For minor staining, professional cleaning may be enough to lighten your teeth by a shade or two.

Call All Smiles in Worth, IL, at 708-448-0333 for all your dental care needs.