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Reason to Have Your Tooth Extracted

Reason to Have Your Tooth Extracted

Every single one of your teeth is important and resides in your mouth for a reason. Proper jaw development, clear speech, personal tooth extractionappearance and of course, biting and chewing, depend on a complete set of primary, followed by adult, teeth. Your dentist in the Palos Park area, Dr. Frederick Mueller, and his professional colleagues work as a team to ensure positive oral health outcomes for their patients. Unfortunately, however, tooth loss happens, and so, too, does tooth extraction. Read here about the reasons why a tooth may have to be pulled at All Smiles in Worth, IL.

Preserve your teeth

That's what preventive dentistry is all about. A tooth-friendly diet (low in carbs and high in fiber, calcium and protein), along with routine check-ups and cleanings at All Smiles support your careful brushing and flossing habits.

However, oral injury can irreparably damage a tooth. Sports and auto accidents wreck dental havoc. So can deep decay and infection that creeps up on a weak tooth unexpectedly. Besides damaging teeth above the gum line, roots deteriorate, fracture and loosen when decaying, and the connective tissue--specifically the periodontal ligament--no longer functions as it should. So those teeth must be extracted as your Worth and Palos Park area dentist determines.

Other reasons for extraction

Then, there's wisdom teeth. Five million people have them pulled annually says the American Dental Association. These third molars which appear during adolescence often trouble patients with:

  • Decay and gum disease because they are hard to clean
  • Impaction, or encasement, in the gums or jaw
  • Poor position
  • Interference with orthodontic treatment

So when wisdom teeth compromise oral health and function, they have to go.

Finally, some teeth are just in the way of important dental and medical procedures. Baby teeth intruding on orthodontic correction should be pulled, and sometimes, teeth are in the path of radiation treatment for cancer.

Removing a tooth

Most extractions performed by your Worth and Palos Park area dentist are simple extractions. After injecting a local anesthetic to numb the tooth, the dentist rocks it gently back and forth to loosen it in the socket. Then, he or she uses a forceps to pull it free. Most of these extraction sites require a few sutures.

Other teeth need surgical extraction because of their position or state of decay or infection. Other kinds of sedation may be necessary to provide maximum comfort for the patient. Incisions are common, and difficult teeth may be extracted in pieces.

Remember, the staff at All Smiles offers emergency care as needed, including extractions. If you have a severe toothache or sustain an injury to the mouth, contact the office right away for advice and an appointment if needed.

Do all you can

Work hard to keep your teeth and gums healthy, and the professional staff at All Smiles will partner with you on that important task. If you are concerned about the health of a tooth, please contact the office for a consultation. Phone (708) 448-0333.